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Jotun Multicolor Story


Jotun has a long history of developing and manufacturing high quality, cost efficient and environmentally compliant products and services.

Innovation and product development are prioritised throughout the company to create value for customers and to protect their property. Investments in Research and Development (R&D) are increasing and there is a long term commitment to invest in innovation and product development.

Jotun's Multicolor systems and the shop display system give the paint shops an image of being technologically modern and professional.

We strive to make dealing with Jotun products a good experience for all target groups, the shop front being clean, tidy, stand out and being attractive. 

Jotun's colour tinting system, Multicolor, is world leading with over 7,500 installations, nearly 3,500 of them in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region. 

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Every wall has an inspiring story to tell. A story that can be brought to life with the perfect colour. That’s why we think of our products as more than just paint. They are colours born from different stories. They are not just collections, but inspiration. 

Go ahead and discover our high-quality products for interiors, exteriors and furniture protection. Explore perfect colour combinations, designs and ideas for every room with Jotun.

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